We Need You

Following is a list of the kind of help the WeFuture.Us Assoc. is most in need of. If you are interested in helping in these areas, or in other areas, please contact Justin Aptaker by sending a text message to +1 865-245-9071,  by leaving a voicemail at +1 865-964-9992,  or by sending an email to justinaptaker@yahoo.com.

We need:

  • Your ideas! More than anything, we need a community of people to discuss our ideas with, and to get ideas and insight from. Constructive criticism is not only accepted, it is welcome.
  • COO, CFO, and CIO
  • SEO & Site Performance Experts
  • Community moderators and developers
  • Investors
  • App Developers (mobile, web-based, & especially PWA)
  • Cloud & Artificial Intelligence Developers
  • Blockchain Implementation Experts
  • Social Networking Professionals
  • Anyone else who wants to participate