Our Mission

Our mission is “empowering people and organizations to promote positive change in themselves and the world“. This can be broken down as follows:

  1. To provide the individual with information, tools, and communities that will catalyze positive growth and development: personally, professionally, and socially.
  2. To direct the use of emerging technologies towards prosocial ends, actualizing their potential to transform the human condition for the better.
  3. To mitigate harm or potential harm caused by poor design/implementation of technology, or by malicious misuse of technology.  
  4. To promote the broadest distribution of benefits to the greatest number of people, using technology to deconstruct, rather than reinforce, systems of social inequality
  5. To foster models of business, government, and economy that result in the broadest distribution of benefits. Towards that end, we promote decentralization, collaboration, open source, resource-based economies, automation, and nonhierarchical organizational structures.
  6. To negotiate reconciliation or mutual understanding between demographic groups with differing “ascribed” or “achieved” social statuses, or at different points along ideological spectrums; to mitigate the harms of extreme values and/or beliefs; to promote conciliatory moderate positions in diverse areas of social life.
  7. To cultivate holistic worldviews, integral thinking, and transpersonal consciousness.

Learn about our strategy, still in early development,  by clicking here