Social Networking/Media Platform

WeFuture.Us hopes to offer, among many other things, a unique kind of social networking/social media platform. More information about what will make us unique can be found near the bottom of this page, or at: Coming Soon

We currently have rudimentary social networking capabilities. To join the early stages of our social network, please return to the homepage, then sign up using one of the three social media icons near the top right of the homepage (as pictured below).

If you’d prefer to sign up using your email address, go to


What Will Make Our Social Network Unique?

We hope to become one of the first widely-used nonprofit social media platforms that:

  1. Are structured around the common goal/theme of improving the world and the lives of its members and
  2. Include a broad range of features
    Facebook, just for example, includes a broad range of features. It is highly usable. But it is basically a “general purpose” platform. It isn’t structured around a common goal. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is structured around a common goal, or at least a common theme: jobs, career, and business. So our objective is to have the full usability of Facebook, while being structured around a common theme/goal, like LinkedIn.

For more information about this, and about other features we hope to add in the near future, see:  Coming Soon