Who Are “We”?


I am Justin Aptaker. I’m a writer. (To see my writing: Click Here)

I also happen to be the founder of the WeFutureUs Association. WeFutureUs is a startup nonprofit organization. It is a virginConceptSM  project. The association is brand new, so “we” are owned and operated by a team of one: yours truly.

So when I refer to “our mission” or “we” or “us”, really, I am speaking for myself, and the vision I have for the association. I use the first-person plural because that vision is of an organization that is owned and governed by all who wish to participate: open, decentralized ownership and leadership.

Besides, I figure that if corporations expect us to consider them “people”, I can reasonably refer to myself in the first-person plural.

For more about “us”, look at Our Mission and Coming Soon.

For more about me, you can take a look at My Writing. I’m a writer, as I began by saying. So the best way to get to know me is by reading.  🙂

– justin